We won’t give away too much, but here’s a little taster of what to expect at MOVE

It’s a wild free-for-all when a famous boys’ choir breaks away from their conductor while on tour in Seoul and causes mayhem in the hotel.

2012 ‧ Short Film/Animation
Thanks to the Baltic Film Society

A whimsical stop motion journey, created entirely out of paper.

2010 ‧ Short Film/Stop Motion
Thanks to Leo Bridle & Ben Thomas

An experimental avant-garde film, exploring the dance landscape in 1970’s USSR.

1972 ‧ Short Film/Dance
Thanks to the Lithuanian National Radio & Television Archive

An animator’s film with beautiful, wildly creative hand-drawn moving images.

2008 ‧ Short Film/Animation
Thanks to Camera-etc

A dance film which arose in the context of a videoart exhibition, but we will place in a new audiovisual context.

2014 ‧ Short Film/Dance
Thanks to Burcu Sargin