The Joytown Grand Electric Theatre, hosting film screenings since 1897, is located in the iconic Chinatown complex just two minutes walk from Cowcaddens subway station.

What was once a huge entertainment complex which also included an indoor zoo, a circus and a display of Sir Roger, the much loved elephant who has greeted visitors to Kelvingrove museum for over 100 years, now has been given a new lease of life as a multi-content, pop-up events space offering live music, club nights, comedy and arts exhibitions.

The most recent incarnation of this building was that of a snooker hall. Much of its atmosphere has been retained, although the current space is dedicated to incorporating aspects of its Chinatown heritage into the decor. At first, the building was home to the Zoo Electric Cinema, opened by E.H. Bostock on 31 January 1911. Originally seating 420 people, it was closed in September 1911 for redevelopment and re-opened at the Joytown Grand Electric Theatre in December 1911.
However, this closed around October 1918.

Now, in 2017, MOVE offers a thrilling chance to encounter cinema in a venue with history, heritage and legacy; and, perhaps, co-author its new chapter…